Inducible mouse transgenic lines

Mouse lines using inducible genetic technology referenced in Breunig JJ, Arellano JI, Macklis JD, Rakic P. Everything that Glitters Isn't Gold: A Critical Review of Postnatal Neural Precursor Analyses. Cell Stem Cell 2007 Dec 13;1:612-627. PMID: 18371403.

Tamoxifen Inducible
Ascl1-CreERâ„¢BAC containing Ascl1 genomicCre-ERT1Battiste et al. 2007
GCEhuGFAPCre-ERT2Ganat et al. 2006
GFAP-CreERT2huGFAPCre-ERT2Hirrlinger et al. 2006
GLAST::CreERT2Knockin to endogenous GLAST locusCre-ERT2Mori et al. 2006
Gli1-CreERT2Knockin to the endogenous Gli1 locusCre-ERT2Ahn and Joyner 2005
Nestin-CreERNestin 2nd intron/Hsp68 minimalCre-ERT1Burns et al. 2007
Nestin-CreERT2Xh5 plasmid
(large fragment including Nestin promoter/instrons/e xons)
Cre-ERT2Battiste et al. 2007
Nes-CreER(T2)Nestin/Nestin 2nd intronCre-ERT2Imayoshi et al. 2006
Nestin-Cre-ERT2Nestin 2nd intron/Hsp68 minimalCre-ERT2Carlen et al. 2006
Nestin-creERtmNestin Promoter and 2nd intronCre-ERT1Kuo et al. 2006
Ngn2-CreERâ„¢Knockin to endogenous Ngn2 locusCre-ERT1Raineteau et al. 2006
Tetracycline Regulated
Nestin-rtTA-M2Nestin/Nestin 2nd intronrtTA-M2Yu et al. 2005
Nestin-tTAXh5 plasmid (see above)tTABeech et al. 2005